Beauty biz booming in Belait

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BUSINESS is booming for Belait beauty salons despite having no special promotions for the festive season, as ladies slot in their last minute appointments for facials, hair- and nail-care treatments.

As Aidil Fitri approaches, beauty salons have been gearing up their appliances and stocking up on products, preparing themselves for a busy schedule of pampering customers, especially during the weekends.

Salon workers told The Brunei Times that there has been a noticeable increase of customers since pay day, which arrived early this month for government workers.

“During this week, we have catered to more than 13 customers in a day,” said an employee from Kukuba Hair and Nail Salon on Jalan Masjid, Kuala Belait, who declined to be named.

As early as 10am, the nail salon has been receiving a continuous flow of customers, with some on advanced bookings to secure pedicure sessions, one of the most popular services requested. Despite the full house, some customers were spotted walking in to try their luck without an appointment.

Kukuba Hair and Nail Salon owner Deborah Aaliah Woodruff said her business usually sees a spike in sales during the last week every month.

She added that customers enjoy pampering themselves in the lead-up to Aidil Fitri, where a new hairstyle or colour is a popular trend to accompany new festive wardrobes.

“I think it's nice that people reward themselves after a successful and smooth fasting period with a little pick-me-up, whether it's with a facial or massage and manicure,” she added.

The salon's manicure and pedicure session can last up to 30 minutes or longer and includes washing, cutting, polishing and filing nails for $16 with an additional $2 charge if customers wish to paint their nails a different colour.

Sulami Enterprise House and Beauty Salon beautician Ayu also said more women are coming for beauty treatment as a preparation for the start of Syawal.

The new beauty salon is enjoying recurring customers, serving an average of six customers daily this week.

A 30-minute to an hour session costs roughly $20, and the store uses mainly Indonesian products for facial treatments to cater to customers of different ages.

For customers, it is a requirement to beauty up as looking good during the festive season gives them confidence.

“It's undeniable that women want to impress other women, but also we'd like to make ourselves feel pretty and special while celebrating the festive month,” said a 23-year-old student at Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB), who booked a session with her friend for facial treatments.

“It's also a sunnah to look nice during Raya, by dressing nicely and looking proper,” her friend added.

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