Make last few days of Ramadhan count: Imams

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MUSLIMS nationwide were reminded to take the last ten days of Ramadhan as an opportunity to reap bountiful blessings from Allah SWT by increasing religious activities.

The Friday sermon stressed that while preparations for the upcoming Hari Raya is not frowned upon in Islam, Muslims should not completely disregard the importance of the final days of Ramadhan.

“We are not certain whether we would be given the chance to fast in Ramadhan next year,” said imams yesterday.

Imams also said that while many practice fasting six days during Syawal, there are certain things which needs to be observed.

Fasting six days of Syawal is different from the obligatory fasting done during Ramadhan.

It was narrated in a _hadith _that whoever fasts six days of Syawal would receive rewards from Allah SWT as if he had fasted a whole year.

Those who have not fasted the whole month of Ramadhan should compensate by fasting during Syawal.

According to the sermon, when fasting while visiting an open house, the individual may break his or her fast if requested by the host or if it is likely to upset the host.

However, if the host understands that the person is fasting, the person should continue his fast.


“If the person is fasting to qadha (compensating missed obligations), it is haram (prohibited) for him to break his fast. It is sufficient for him to simply attend the invitation and offer doa (supplications) for the host’s well-being,” explained Imams.

Imams put forward the guidelines for those who wish to fast the six days of Syawal but have not fasted the whole month of Ramadhan due to menstruation, musafir (travelling) and illness.

“Firstly, Muslims should _qadha _missed fasting days before fasting the six days of Syawal,” said Imams.

Secondly, Muslims are not encouraged to fast the Syawal’s six days because it delays the compensation of Ramadhan. However, those who fast during the six days of Syawal will still receive pahala (rewards from Allah SWT).

The Imams further added that Muslims can also fast to compensate for the missing days of Ramadhan as well as the voluntary six days of Syawal together which has similar rewards.

The Brunei Times