Municipal Dep’t mulls setting up own plant nursery

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THE Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Department is looking to set up its own local flora nursery through its Support and Vehicle Maintenance Division.

The various cultivated plants would then be used to beautify the capital.

The nursery is expected to be located close to Jubilee Perak Recreational Park and managed by the Landscape and Recreational Parks section.

However, there is no concrete date for when the nursery would be set up.

Section head Shahrom Hj Abd Wahab told The Brunei Times that the nursery is needed to bring more life and colour to the landscapes the section manages around the country.

The section currently buys the plants from a seller at the Rimba Horticulture Centre.

“We prioritise our local florists, but the problem here is that not all of them accept PO (purchase orders). We have to use cash to buy plants from them. Only one seller accepts PO, so our options are limited,” Shahrom explained.

“As much as we support our local small and medium entreprises, we need more plant variety.

“Our section had requested for our own nursery last year so that we can cultivate our own plants and flowers to beautify the city. Hopefully we can set it up this year,” he said.

Shahrom said the section has received support from the chairman of the municipal board, but the section has to prove its effectiveness and productivity to keep it running.

“The condition is that we have to produce over 25,000 flowers annually at our own nursery. I believe we can do it, InsyaAllah,” the head of the Landscape and Recreational Park section added.

The section currently only uses local plants in landscapes at 20 locations including the Jubilee Perak Recreational Park.

The section also uses the native and wild plants growing at Tasek Lama Recreational Park.

The Brunei Times