Be consistent in doing acts of worship

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IMAMS reminded Muslims to be consistent in performing ibadah (acts of worship) throughout Ramadhan as the blessed month only comes once a year.

Addressing Muslims nationwide, imams urged congregants to change the mindset on only carrying out ibadah, such as attending mass prayer in mosques, tarawih and witr prayers and Al-Quran recital in the first half of Ramadhan and become complacent in the second half.

Muslims should devote time to boosting their Al-Quran recitation , charity, and reciting Zikir among other religious activities during this month.

“We should multiply our amal ibadah especially when it comes to the final 10 days of Ramadhan which is Lailatul-Qadr,” imams explained.

There are also several lessons that can be learned from the fasting month. The first is to train oneself to be thankful.

Muslims will feel thankful during the break of fast if they were able complete it fully. They will also receive rezeki (blessings) from Allah SWT during the break of fast.

Secondly, it is to train oneself to be patient, since there are many challenges Muslims face while fasting.

Imams said: “A person might feel that they are not able to withstand the challenge of fasting, and might even have feelings of wanting to break their fast. But through taqwa (piety) to Allah SWT they will be able to be patient until the breaking of fast.”

Imams noted this highlights the greatness of the month since it can encourage Muslims to be more patient.

Thirdly, it trains oneself to be obedient in ibadah (act of worship).

Ramadhan is where Muslims should prioritise religious activities above other activities.

It is also the best month for Muslims to better themselves by following what is being taught in religious texts and refrain from doing what has been prohibited.

Ibadah carried out during the fasting month can be a guide to continue in a similar way throughout the year,” imams said.

It would be a waste to fast without using the opportunity to better themselves spiritually, the mams added.

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