Drug rehab patients need public support

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THE public has been reminded not to place a stigma and look down on individuals undergoing or looking for treatment of drug abuse.

“The public should not place a stigma on individuals who are looking for treatment from drug abuse”, said Datin Hajah Masni Haji Mohd Ali, the president of the National Anti-Drug Association in Brunei Darussalam (Basmida), yesterday.

Datin Hajah Masni was speaking at an event held to mark the International Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking, which falls on June 26, at the Sukma Indera Hall of Rimba II Primary School.

She said that the United Nations have chosen the theme “A message of Hope: Drug Use Disorders are Preventable and Treatable” for this year, “and thus the public should not look down on someone who is undergoing treatment and rehabilitation from drug abuse”.

She continued to say that the Friday sermon on June 20 has attracted the nation’s attention on the problem of drugs abuse and the need for the problem to be handled effectively to prevent the public from falling into the dangers of drugs, which is when uncontrolled can threaten the stability and harmony of the country.

Basmida in cooperation with the Village Consultative Council (MPK) of Zone 1 Rimba have organised a Capoeira group exercise and a range of activities in which families can enjoy. “The aim of the event is to strengthen family ties by doing activities that benefit the health at the same time”, said Hjh Linda Aini Abdullah, Vice President of Basmida.

She said that Basmida has made continuous efforts in holding educational events on prevention on drug abuse through the “outreach programme” across the country.

The event also consisted of anti-drug exhibitions, courtesy of Basmida and Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) to showcase proper and accurate definitions of “illegal drugs” as well as medicinal drugs, which are under control both nationally and internationally.

During the event children participated in a colouring contest, and a lucky draw was also held.

About 80 residents of Kampung Rimba along with members of Basmida were present at the event yesterday.

The Brunei Times