Sermon warns against ill effects of drug trafficking

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IMAMS yesterday reminded the public on the danger of drug abuse in conjunction with International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking which will be observed on June 26.

The sermon cited a titah delivered by His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam in 1986, in which the monarch highlighted the effect of drug abuse on society.

His Majesty had said that it was the role of the Narcotic Control Bureau to ensure that the society is free from drug abuse.

Capital punishment for drug traffickers is one of the government’s efforts in eradicating and deterring misuse of drugs.

Lectures, seminars, exhibitions and awareness campaigns are regularly conducted by government agencies with the objective to educate the public, especially the youth, on the danger of drug abuse.

Imams urged parents to monitor their children’s activities and also give them appropriate education as well as advice to prevent them from being influenced by drugs.

Imams highlighted that the effects of drug abuse have negative implications to individuals, family, society, country and Islam. It can also harm an individual’s health as they can be exposed to a variety of diseases and also sudden death.

Meanwhile, the effect of drug abuse in the short term can cause adverse effects to users such as paranoia, thought disorder (schizophrenia), depression, extreme anxiety, stroke, heart attack and internal haemorrhage which can lead to death.

It is also poisonous in nature as users who are addicted may resort to other crimes such as theft, burglary and others that harm the well-being of the society.

In this regard, imams reminded Muslims to assist in tackling drug abuse by contacting local authorities if they have information on drug-related activities.

The Brunei Times