MCYS lauds rise in creative arts

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THE Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) welcomes the rise in creative arts in the country, especially among the youth, and will do its best to provide support to any individuals and organisations involved in the development of the arts in Brunei, said the deputy minister yesterday.

Datin Paduka Hjh Adina Oth-man was speaking during the closing of the two-day “SEEDS6 Arts Is” workshop at the Sports School yesterday. “Youth involvement in the arts, as well as the development of creative industries in the country would certainly contribute towards Brunei’s achievement of National Vision 2035,” Datin Adina said.

“The activities and the high quality works that SEEDS has developed over the past six years – especially in performing arts – show sustained commitment from a group of youths who want to contribute to the country,” Datin Adina remarked.

The deputy minister also acknowledged the growing number of local artists who have opened their own galleries and solo exhibitions to showcase their artwork.

“This proves that an artist’s future is just as bright as other careers (and) I hope that more people would opt to work full-time as artists, or make it a profession.

“If this can be realised, I believe it would be an achievement that would make the country proud, as art is not easy to achieve without the full commitment of an individual. With full commitment, it will not be unusual if the artworks produced by local artists will be on par with those of foreign artists who have made their marks globally,” Datin Adina said.

She added that collaboration from various government agencies and the private sector would be required to provide the “enabling environment” that would enable the creative industry to thrive in Brunei.

Speaking to The Brunei Times on the sidelines of the event, Datin Adina said that it was great to see youth empowerment and youths being helped by youths, through SEEDS. “We really laud and applaud what SEEDS has done, and I have told (the organisers) to go bigger and to do more, and to promote awareness about it to more people, because it is really helping many young people (in Brunei).

“Creative industries in Brunei is at an infant stage, as we know, so we do need people like (SEEDS organisers and participants),” she commented.

SEEDS6 Coordinator cum SEEDS Coach Hill Zaini said this year’s SEEDS6 workshop saw enthusiasm from more than 200 students from 19 different education institutions. “This year’s workshop focused more on visual arts, like prop-mak-ing, as compared to previous years which focused more on theatrical arts.

“It’s because of the fact that we realise that most students who turn out this year are more creative in more ‘hands-on’ types of arts,” he explained.

Hill also said that there were repeat students who come back again each year to participate in SEEDS, and that there were already tentative plans for a “SEEDS7” event next year.

This year’sworkshop consists of drama activities, art projects and inspirational talks delivered by local public figures, including visual artist Pg Dato Paduka Hj Asmalee Pg Ahmad and Toastmasters Brunei’s Elizabeth Sim.

The Brunei Times