Education officers to learn more about environment, sustainability

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TWO education officers left Brunei yesterday evening to participate in a four-day workshop on environment in Singapore.

The focus of this year’s Singapore Youth Environment Envoy (YEE) Workshop Programme will be on “Sustainability Accelerator Training”.

Acting Head at the Science, Technology and Environment Partnership (STEP) Centre sent off the participants and told _The Brunei _Times in an interview that she expects them to share their experience when they return.

Sarimah Abu Bakar said, “We have sent individuals to this workshop in the past, and they have participated at national-level workshops.”

She noted that some of the past participants are still active in helping to raise environmental awareness.

Sarimah advised the participants to learn more about the proper planning to improve the management of environment programmes in schools.

“The activities should be organised more systematically to help students understand more about sustainable development,” she said.

All schools in Brunei are expected to have its own environmental club, and the two participants hoped they can apply what they will be learning.

A social science teacher, Rahimah Hj Ali, also a participant, said, “we will be exposed to a lot of ideas during the workshop, and we will try to teach it to our students”.

The Sultan Hassan Secondary School teacher said that activities and projects make the lessons more interesting for the students.

“We want to create independent learners. With the technology at their disposal students have access to a lot of information,” she said.

Rahimah is glad she teaches in Temburong because the district is Brunei’s green jewel.

She said, “students at (Sultan Hassan Secondary School) are really interested in the environment because they are surrounded by greenery.”

The participants will be working on a project at the workshop and are expected to give a presentation to the other participants.

On the final day, the participants will go on a field trip to learn about how Singapore manages its environment.

The Brunei Times