‘Charity benefits you and the community ’

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VILLAGERS were encouraged to be charitable in order to promote peace and harmony within their communities.

Islamic Da’wah Centre lecturer Ustaz Hj Mail Besar underscored this in a lecture delivered during the 22nd Tahlil and Doa Arwah Ceremony for Kg Putat.

“A village with charitable people will benefit itself and its own residents as the donations can be shared amongst villagers,” said the lecturer.

Hj Mail reminded that giving donation was a commendable quality.

He cited the example of Kg Putat’s Village Consultative Council (MPK) who organised and funded the event yesterday with the donation money collected from the village residents.

The MPK managed to collect $7,850 within two months.

“Due to the generous donations from Kg Putat residents, this ceremony today can be realised. (The donations) has even benefitted orphans,” he said.

The Islamic Da’wah lecturer also touched on the third pillar of Islam, zakat (tithe).

Zakat refers to the mandatory annual payment – for those who are financially able – which is used towards charity and for wealth to be redistributed to the needy.

He also cautioned against envy and jealousy as it can get in the way of maintaining a peaceful and harmonious community.

“Envy and jealousy at times cannot be avoided but it does not justify harming your neighbours and committing sins,” Ustaz Hj Mail said.

He said tribulations are a part of life and instead of being hateful and envious of others, he urged residents to draw inspiration from the practises of Allah SWT’s prophets.

The Brunei Times