‘Cleanliness is part of faith’

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MUSLIMS must always practise cleanliness in all aspects - physically or spiritually - as it also represents the strength of an individual’s iman (faith) in Allah SWT, imams said yesterday.

It is important for an individual to look after the cleanliness as it is one of the branches of iman. Verse 222 of _Surah Al-Baqarah_and verse 108 of Surah Al-Taubah speaks of how Allah SWT love for those who purify themselves.

Imams also reiterated a hadith by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), narrated by Abi Malik Al-Ash’ari, which translates: “Cleanliness is a part of iman.”

This emphasis reflected in all worshiping acts, for example the daily prayers, where it requires all Muslims to wash (ablution) beforehand.

Muslims, apart from cleaning themselves, must also ensure that their clothes and place of prayer are clean and hygienic.

Imams highlighted that Islam is a religion that emphasises cleanliness and this is how it incorporates its teachings to its followers, where Muslims are trained be aware of their hygiene as this will affect their religious duties, pahala (rewards) and dosa (sins).

Additionally, this part of faith should encompass other aspects such as family, community, organisations and country.

Cleanliness should also be maintained in public places such as government and private sector buildings, public toilets, recreational parks and other public facilities.

Imams also expressed their disappointment and lamented that some people still take this matter lightly.

The government has initiated numerous cleaning campaigns such as the current cleaning campaign for homes under the National Housing Schemes to increase awareness of the public on this matter.

These campaigns are part of preventive measures to eliminate indiscriminate littering habit and breeding grounds for mosquitoes which brings diseases.

They urged the public to maintain the cleanliness of five areas: our homes and its vicinity; one’s body; clothing; food; and spiritual (soul and heart).

“Apart from that, spiritual cleansing also plays an important role to nurture the heart and cleanse the soul,

“Let us maintain cleanliness and making it a culture and practise in our daily lives.”


The Brunei Times