Maintaining peace in Sultanate is everyone’s duty

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MAINTAINING peace in the Sultanate is the duty of all its citizens, and not just the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF).

“Although the task of guarding the country is the responsibility of the armed forces, it does not mean we surrender the relevant tasks completely to them. We as citizens and residents of this country are equally responsible for maintaining the security and sovereignty of the country, which includes defending Islam,” imams said yesterday in a sermon delivered nationwide in conjunction with the 53rd anniversary of the RBAF.

The sermon underscored the importance of the armed forces, and citizens are advised to be grateful of their presence.

“The armed forces have a very noble task of defending the country from all enemy threats and aggression that threatens security and sovereignty,” the imams said.

“So we, as citizens and residents of this country, should be grateful to Allah SWT for the contribution of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces that is invaluable to the security and well-being of our beloved nation.”

Islam is a religion of peace and security that demands its followers to strive towards creating and defending this peace. If the honour of Islam and its followers is violated and attacked, then all Muslims must rise to its defence, the imams said.

In the sermon, imams also talked about the criticisms that Brunei has received following the implementation of the Syariah Penal Code Order.

They outlined the three types of reactions to the implementation: first were those who completely agree with it; second, those who completely oppose it; and finally those who agree to half of it and oppose the other.

There are different ways of handling the two groups that did not fully agree to the implementation.

The imams explained in the sermon that those who completely oppose it were usually non-Muslims, and advised Muslims to not worry about them.

“We should not expect them to accept us because they will not cease from insulting us, and it is impossible for them to accept the Syariah Penal Code.”

Regarding Muslims who oppose half of the implementation, the imams said that their “actions can actually damage their own faith as well, and their rash words could cause the misconception of Islam”.

Imams advised all Muslims to help enlighten those categorised in the third group by educating them on the laws of Allah SWT.

There were also those who were of the opinion that Brunei should not rush in enforcing the Islamic criminal law, and that only Arab countries can implement the law because of the differences in culture.

“This is a misconception as the teachings of Islam suit any generation and any location. It is up to the country itself to practise it or not. Islam does not yield to culture; it is culture that should submit to Islam,” the imams said in the sermon yesterday.

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