Heed lessons from the Prophet’s Isra’ Mikraj

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MUSLIMS are encouraged to heed the lessons of the Isra’ Mikraj, which is considered to be one of the mu’jizat (miracle) of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), after the Al-Quran.

Isra’ Mikraj refers to the night journey and ascension of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to the heavens which occurred on 27 Rejab.

The sermon yesterday, delivered by imams throughout the nation, highlighted the importance of safeguarding and strengthening one’s iman (faith).

The imams cited an example of one occurrence during the night journey of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) regarding the story of the woman who used to comb the hair of the daughter of Firaun (Pharoah). When it was discovered that the woman's true faith was towards Allah SWT, she was given the chance to leave Islam and return to worshipping the pharoah but she and her family remained steadfast and refused to do so, and thus were killed.

“This is a true act of faith that every Muslim should possess in themselves,” said the imams.

Muslims should reflect upon their own faith first as there are those who say that they have faith in Allah SWT and His prophets but their actions show otherwise.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) explained that iman is identifying by heart that all teachings brought forward by the Prophet comes from Allah SWT, and this is to be testified by reciting the syahadah (declaration of faith).

It is not something that is merely said but should be shown through actions.

The imams said that it is wajib for a Muslim to strengthen their faith as this will help prevent them from committing any sins such as not performing prayers, not fasting and indulging in vices such as consuming intoxicating drinks.

The Prophet (PBUH) was shown glimpses of the punishments for various sins during the journey, and he is one who is protected from such sins. So Muslims should take lessons from the event as a guide to be safe in this world and the hereafter.


Happiness and success will come to those who faithfully uphold Islam when facing various challenges in life, the imams said.

The Brunei Times