Exhibition for Int’l Museums Day

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THE Museums Department is organising an exhibition at the Cultural Gallery at the Royal Wharf starting tomorrow.

The “Museum Collection: Make Connections” exhibition which will run for two weeks is held to mark the International Museums Day which is observed today.

Three books will also be launched and sold at a discounted price during the opening of the exhibition.

The books are: _“Secebis Budaya Warisan” or A piece of cultural heritage, “Jejak Budaya dan Temuan Arkeologi” or Cultural Imprints and Discovering Archeology and “Budaya Seborneo: Kumpulan Kertas Kerja” _or Pan-Borneo Culture: A collection of working papers.

In an interview with The Brunei Times Nora Hj Abdul Kadir, secretary for the International Museums Day and senior research officer, said that the exhibits will be interactive and designed to show all the areas of expertise under the department.

She explained the exhibition will feature nine sections: Archaeology and Monuments, Natural History, Ethnography, Maritime Museum, National Archives, Art Gallery, Conversation and Preservation; Library and Publication.

For the Ethnography Section, there is a “Rumah Tenunan” or weaving loom where a weaver will be demonstrating the craft to the public.

On the walls, QR codes are displayed where visitors can scan for more details about the handicraft process.

She explained that the exhibition will then move to different schools in other districts. The first being in Tutong in September followed by Belait. Temburong will host the exhibition next year.

The museum will also be hosting activities such as talks to raise awareness about the role of the museum in the different districts along with the exhibition.

Some of the contents of the exhibition are underwater photography, manuscript writing techniques and Brunei textiles.

The Brunei Museum’s collection has grown from 15 items in 1952 to about 500,000 items including fine art, maritime materials and archaeological specimens.

There are currently six galleries under the Museums Department: the Brunei Museum, the Malay Technology Museum, the Royal Regalia, Bubungan Dua Belas, the National Archive, and the Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park.

In 2013, there were 114,391 visitors to the Royal Regalia, while the Brunei Museum received 46,242, and the Malay Technology Museum 17,883.

The International Museums Day was first celebrated by the council in 1977, and is now celebrated in over 35,000 museums across the globe.

The Brunei Times