Villagers repair house of elderly couple in Temburong

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AN ELDERLY couple living in Temburong received a helping hand from villagers to repair their home in Kg Piasau-piasau, yesterday.

The village consultative council and villagers of Kg Piasau-piasau helped out with the building of a bedroom in their current stilt house.

The wood was supplied by the Temburong District Office.

Present as the guest of honour was YB Hj Sulaiman Hj Ahmad, who also helped with the construction.

The house is owned by Hj Adin Othman, 81, who built the stilt house in 1975. It consists of two bedrooms; the kitchen and bathroom was added later on at the ground floor.

Hj Adin has had difficulty in walking after undergoing his heart bypass in December last year, so he opted to ask for aid in house repairs, his wife said in an interview.

“Going out of the house and to the toilet is a hassle for him as he needs guidance to walk. We went to ask for assistance to build at least one bedroom downstairs, that way my husband doesn’t need to go up and down the stairs for food and shower,” Hjh Sidah Hj Baha, 61, said.

They have no children and Hjh Sidah said that their life is based on their monthly old-age pension. Relatives help out in getting daily necessities in town.

“We don’t have a car and do not drive. When we need to get groceries and vegetables, usually our relatives who live nearby will help us go to town to buy for us,” she said.

Hjh Sidah shared that she would prefer to have their home reconstructed into a bungalow in the future. “Due to my husband’s health, I think it is easier for us to be on the ground floor and I hope someone would help us reconstruct it. It’s easier and safer for him without having to walk up and down the staircase Furthermore, our rooftop is also leaking when it’s raining,” she said.

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