Bruneians urged to be steadfast, united in face of criticism

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BRUNEIANS are reminded to stay steadfast and united as the country comes under fire of international media with criticism on the recent implementation of Syariah Penal Code Order.

The new law was enforced on May 1, as proclaimed by His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam.

“What’s important now is, as Bruneians, we must unite despite being in different background and beliefs. We also must show unwavering obedience to the leader of our country,” imams said during the sermon yesterday.

The sermon pointed out that Brunei is fortunate to have been blessed with a ruler who insists on following the teachings of Islam and incorporates the laws of Allah SWT in the country’s administration system, according to Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah and Mazhab Syafiee.

Syariah law is by command of Allah SWT in Al-Quran and Hadith, emphasised the sermon.

Therefore, Muslims must accept Syariah law wholeheartedly as commanded by Allah SWT. Muslims who fail to do so would be considered to be those who are on the wrong path, the imams said.

The implementation of the law is a development in upholding Islam in the country, which has been carried out centuries before.

The law is not what others claimed to be archaic and a backward step.

It is comprehensive and applicable to all mankind, regardless of time and place, imams said.

The ultimate purpose of the implementation of the law is to seek redha (acceptance) from Allah SWT.

Imams lamented that those who are anti-Syariah law are ignorant and not well informed about what the law is all about.

The law ensures the well-being of humankind and help to tackle social issues such as robbery, rape, murder, drug abuse, extramarital intercourse, corruption and such.

The Brunei Times