A night of rich Dusun culture

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IT WAS a night of traditional music and performances for the Dusun community in Tutong as they celebrated the Adau Gayoh festival.

Amid the festivity organised by the Pakatan Sang Jati Dusun (PSJD) association, organisers reminded Dusun youth on the importance of knowledge and helping to contribute to the nation’s development.

Event chairperson Chominah Sidin the performances promote elements of the Dusun culture such as its language and folklore stories that are becoming endangered form of literature.

Among the performances at the Seri Kenangan hall in the Tutong District were Basiram (poetry to welcome guests), Anchayau (victory songs for warriors), Dendang Anak Incan (a song about a son who met his mother after a long trip), Tarian Balik Songsang, Pat Batutur (storytelling), Yangeh Steady (a song about a brilliant young adult named Yangeh), Rasam Piras-Piras Dances (dances after the rain), and Dendang Yompok (the story of a giant called Yompok).

Tutong District Officer Wardi Hj Mohammad Ali, who was guest of honour at the event, in his speech said the theme chosen for the PSJD Adau Gayoh festival is in line with the association’s vision to remind the youth about the importance of knowledge.

“The young generation are the inheritors of the nation, they shoulder the responsibility to lead and shape the direction for the progress of the country,” said the district officer, adding that to succeed youth must be knowledgeable.

He reminded members of the community to be grateful to His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam.

Chominah said the 2014 Adau Gayoh celebration was themed ‘Tiris Penyulai Banca’, loosely translated as Generasi Pendukung Bangsa (Race Supporting Generation).

There was also a prize presentation ceremony for young participants who have contributed to the community.

The Brunei Times