Tips to achieve a happy family

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A HAPPY family can be achieved if its members are aware of their roles and carry out their duties.

“The family institution is important to the community as it supplies individuals who will become the backbone of the nation,” imams said in the sermon yesterday.

Fathers and husbands play an important role as they are responsible for providing a harmonious living environment by guiding, leading and teaching the rest of their family to the religion of Allah SWT.

As such, they should understand and practise Islam to lead the family by example, the imams said.

Easy access to technology was also seen as a threat to the family institution, because even though “families live under one roof, they rarely communicate” as everyone is busy with their devices such as televisions, computers and mobile phones.

To help establish stronger family bonds, the imams suggest families to participate in religious activites together such as performing prayers as a congregation, read the Quran and recite the zikir (remembrance of Allah SWT) regularly.

Simple acts such as eating meals together also help build stronger relations.

Praying together with the rest of the family should be made into a routine to create families that enjoy each other’s company, the imams said, as well as to receive the blessings of Allah SWT.

Families are also encouraged to read the Quran, as it holds many virtues.

“A house where the Quran is recited will bring blessings and will receive regular visits from the malaikat (angels), and at the same time keep syaitan (the devil) away,” the imams said.

Prophet Muhammad SAW had many responsibilities and held various roles as a rasul, prophet and the leader of a nation. However, he never abandoned his responsibilities towards his family as a husband, father and head of household.

Aishah (RA), the Prophet’s wife, said that he would always help out with housework, but when the time for prayers came he would excuse himself to carry out his other responsibilities.

Imams urged husbands to follow the example of Prophet Muhammad SAW and help their own wives with the housework to lessen their burden while at the same time not forgetting to carry out their duties.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said in a hadith narrated Imam Bukhari: “Men are the leaders of the family and are responsible for the family members, Women are caretaker of the husband’s household and she is responsible for her husband.”

To create a harmonious environment for the family, the husband and wife will have to help each other and work together.

Parents are highly regarded in Islam because of the sacrifices they make in raising their children with patience and love, and thus children are urged to respect their parents. An important trait of a family is Mawaddah Warrahmah (Compassion) and the foundation of a family unit should be based on this, the imams said.

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