Virtues of practising zikir highlighted

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PEACE and serenity of the soul can be obtained from practising zikir (an act of remembering Allah SWT), imams said in the sermon yesterday, highlighting its importance and advantages.

This is stated in verse 13 of Surah Ar-Ra’d in the Quran, “Such are the ones who have believed and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah. Beware! It is the remembrance of Allah which provides tranquility to the hearts.”

The imams also shared the fadhilat (virtues) of zikir.

The person who practises it will be placed at a high position besides Allah SWT and would receive His forgiveness and blessings. Practising zikir would cleanse the heart and tongue from sinful acts such as gossipping. A cleansed heart would also help one in finding peace of mind.

Most importantly, the person who practices zikir will receive protection from Allah SWT and be kept safe from harm.

Zikir is easy to perform and can be done at one’s convenience throughout the day — it does not require a specific time and place to carry out unlike solat (prayer) where a Muslims needs to be in a clean state and also perform it while facing the kiblat (the direction of Kaabah).

“What is important is that our hearts are present during zikir,” said the imams.

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