Eating halal, good food safeguards quality of ibadat

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IT IS important for Muslims to consume food that is halal and good to safeguard the quality of their ibadat (acts of worship) and ensure that it is accepted by Allah SWT.

Imams in the sermon yesterday said that aside from being halal, the food should be nutritious and prepared according to the Islamic guidelines and etiquettes.

The money used to buy the food should be obtained in a halal way, not through cheating or vices such as gambling and bribery.

Imams said the consumption of halal food carry wisdoms such as being able to save a person from hellfire and ensuring that their doa (supplication) is accepted by Allah SWT.

Halal and good food can act as a remedy and medicine, whereas those that are haram can cause sickness, according to Imam Ash-Shafiiie.

There are also guidelines and etiquettes with regards to eating and drinking.

Muslims were warned against consuming food in excess, as ordained in the Quran in verse 31, Surah Al-A’raf: “… and eat and drink, but be not excessive. Indeed, He (Allah SWT) likes not those who commit excess.”

They are reminded to recite Bismillah and specific doa before eating.

Islam also has a proper guideline on eating posture — it is makruh (discouraged) to eat while leaning back or lying down.

Muslims are also advised to finish the food on their plate.

“We don’t know which portion of the food is blessed, and it could just be on the bits of food left behind,” said the imams.

The Brunei Times