Muslims reminded to be diligent in making doa daily

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THE importance of doa (supplication) to Allah SWT was highlighted yesterday in the Friday sermon.

Muslims should not be too busy with worldly affairs that it prevents them from making doa, imams said.

Doa is an important act of worship, and it is also considered as a spiritual weapon.

The sermon reminded Muslims to call upon Allah SWT as ordained in the Quran in Surah A-Mukmin, Verse 60: “And your Lord says, ‘Call upon Me; I will respond to you’.”

There are a lot of fadhilat (virtues) of making doa, one of which is that Allah SWT will grant His forgiveness and blessings. It also can protect one from any disaster and difficulty.

Imams reminded Muslims to pray and make doa diligently and earnestly.

One must also believe that their doas will be granted by Allah SWT, sooner or later. If it is not granted, it is according to Allah SWT’s will and Muslims must continue be steadfast and have faith that He has better plans in store for the individuals. “Thus, we should not feel despair and give up in making doa,” imams said.

There are several etiquettes that should be considered when making doa such as to take ablution beforehand; facing the Qiblat (the direction of the Kaabah in Mekah at which all Muslims must face when performing prayers); to start and end every doa with the name of Allah and selawat (greetings and salutations) to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

There are also special times when doas are easily granted such as the last third of night; Thursday nights and on Fridays; the time between azan and iqamah (call for prayers); after performing daily prayers; during the month of Ramadhan, on the night of Lailatul Qadar; day of Arafat, while drinking Zam-Zam water; and while reading Al-Quran, especially upon completing it.

Imams also mentioned several conditions where doas may not be granted such as those made by people who have been disobeying Allah SWT’s commands and prohibitions.

“Our food source should not be taken lightly as it must come from halal sources,” imams said.

Doas should also be uttered in a soft voice while humbly raising both hands in full concentration with the hopes that Allah SWT will grant the wishes.

This was stated in Surah Al-A’raf, Verse 55: “Call on your Rabb with humility and in private; for He does not love the transgressors.”

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