Use various alternative energy sources to achieve sustainable dev’t

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NO ONE country can move forward and achieve a sustainable low carbon future if it only adopts a single technology or approach, an energy expert said.

Professor John Loughhead, executive director at the UK Energy Research Centre, said the best solution is a mixture of various energy-efficient approaches.

“Rather than saying shouldn’t Brunei be investing in solar energy or wind energy, you actually need a lot of different things of portfolio to get the right solution,’’ he told The Brunei Times on the sidelines of the first Youth Energy Dialogue yesterday.

He said there are two reasons to incorporating alternative energy sources.

“One is to get the overall energy characteristics that you want, and the other is to guarantee a certain lifestyle for people as well,” he said.

“We have a mix of certain circumstances. We have people living in very densely populated cities, and you have people living in rural areas. You also have people working in industrial areas, office work and agricultural work. They all have different needs,’’ he added.

The executive director also lauded Brunei’s initiatives when it comes to approaching energy as a whole.

Professor Loughhead said the Energy Department at the Prime Minister’s Office (EDPMO) is doing the right thing by devising a strategy and having a department of energy that understands it is not only about oil and gas production, but also about the use of energy.

He said: “I think what they (Energy Department) have done is an excellent start. They need to continue to improve it, look at a range of options and refine the plan. They will find that some of the things will not work for reasons that they cannot predict at the moment.’’

Loughhead pointed out that Brunei is addressing the use of energy in a serious way, and is trying to do it in a logical and rational approach.

“So I and the other people on this board, are really happy that we can help in sharing our experiences with the research institute, and hopefully they will then be able to support the Energy Department.

“We all know that this is such a difficult problem, so we are all pleased to share what we know,’’ he added.

Loughhead was invited as a speaker at the Youth Energy Dialogue which took place at the BRIDEX International Conference Centre.

The Brunei Times