Tierce A wins energy video competition

National 2 minutes, 3 seconds


THE team Tierce A’s innocent toddlers’ antics on sustainable energy won the hearts of judges to claim the grand prize of $3,000 at the first National Youth Energy Video Competition yesterday.

They were followed by second place, BIKP and third place, NewGen who won $2,000 and $1,000 respectively.

The video competition served as a platform for youth to show their creativity with the theme: “Conserve Energy: Our Future, Our Choice”.

However, the top three teams’ video were each distinctively different from each other.

NewGen depicted a cheerful video, which included a half view of a sedan car with more than 10 people entering into a car to exaggerate on the importance of carpooling.

Meanwhile, BIKP’s video portrayed an “end of the non-renewable energy supply world” scenario where people were fighting over solar panels and renewable energy.

In an interview with the Brunei Times, Yasmin Jones of BIKP said the concept behind their video was to illustrate a worst case scenario.

Yasmin, part of a group of five from Jerudong International School, said they wanted to show a less conventional, darker yet potentially realistic depiction of what happens when non-renewable energy resources deplete.

In contrast, Tierce A’s showed several interviews of kindergarten students but despite this, it delivered a serious message.

Comprising Abu Hurairah Hj Mohamad and Radin Afiqah Ibnu Abdullah, the group was led by Nurul Adibah Hamdani with all of them with a Universiti Brunei Darussalam academic background in Media Studies.

According to Radin Afiqah, their video’s concept was inspired by the theme namely “Our Future”.

“The theme generally refers to the young generation but to us, we took it further and felt it translated to the even younger generation.”

They believed that the kindergarten toddlers’ honesty was potentially the reason they won.

“Because our interviewees were so young, it implied that even at a young age, education on saving energy has no age restrictions,” she said.

Nurul Adibah said the team sent letters to schools for permission to interview the students.

However, Radin Afiqah said youths were not the only target age range.

“We knew the video competition was also going to have a mature audience and generally as you get older, once you know more, your passion for energy conservation may swain,” she said.

“But in the competition, if they see the videos, it may prompt them that even as your mature, you should still care about energy saving as when you are younger,” she added.

The Brunei Times