‘Save, appreciate blessing of water’

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RELIGIOUS leaders in the country yesterday reminded Muslims to consume water prudently, as the government-subsidised amenity was a nikmat or blessing that should be appreciated.

In the Friday sermon, imams across the country highlighted that Bruneians’ consumption of water per capita was roughly double that of other countries in the region.

Pointing to previous statistics, the imams said about 400 litres of water was consumed per person in Brunei, compared to 200 to 250 litres per person elsewhere in the region.

They raised concern over this “worrying” trend of excessive water usage, and called for water to be consumed wisely and conserved whenever possible.

According to statistics from the United Nations, more than one billion people are estimated to still have limited or no access to clean water, with this figure expected to rise to 2.6 billion in 2025. Most of those affected are struggling to obtain clean water supply through wells and rivers for daily needs. These sources were not guaranteed to be safe for consumption, and will eventually affects one’s health. Unhygienic water supply can even cause death, they said.

In this regard, they said that the government of His Majesty the

Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, through the Public Works Department and Water Services Department ensured that almost everyone in the country was supplied with clean water. Hence, these facilities provided by the government should be appreciated, the Muslim leaders said.

Imams reminded that water is one of the _nikmat’ _from Allah SWT and therefore, Muslims must always be grateful as it is one of the elements which contribute to the continuity of all living things.

They concluded that all Bruneians should berjimat-cermat (be prudent) in consuming water because to waste such a valuable resource would be a loss, not just to oneself, but the whole nation.

The Brunei Times