Courts to consider probation order request for 30-yr-old paedophile

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A LAWYER yesterday requested the Magistrates’ Court to grant his client a probation order after his client pleaded guilty to outraging the modesty of a 10-year-old boy.

On October 21, 2013, Hammarol Awang Hamidon, 30, was around the vicinity of a school when he approached the victim, Mr X, who was waiting to be picked up by his elder brother.

Hammarol introduced himself as a security guard and told the victim the school was haunted and people had been possessed before. He then asked the victim to follow him on his rounds through the school.

The defendant then took the boy to the toilet, locked the door behind him and sexually molested him. The defendant threatened violence if the victim did not comply with his demands.

However, when the victim started crying the defendant opened the door and let the boy out.

Later that night, the victim’s father found out what had happened to his son, after seeing him cry.

The father lodged a report at the Berakas Police Station the next day which led to Hammarol’s arrest the following day.

During the proceedings yesterday, defence counsel Yusof Halim, as part of the mitigation for his client, submitted a psychiatric and psychological report to presiding senior magistrate Lailatul Zubaidah Hj Mohd Hussain, emphasising the need for his client to be placed on a probation order.

In view of the defence counsel’s mitigation, the court asked for a social report from the Community Development Department at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports to be prepared.

The report is expected to be submitted by April 15. The case will be mentioned again on April 29 to determine whether the defendant can be allowed to undergo the probation. Hammarol could face up to five years in jail with whipping for the offence of outraging modesty.

The Brunei Times