All stalls occupied at Serasa Beach

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ALL the 40 new stalls set up at Serasa Beach have been taken up for underprivileged families and other hawkers to earn a living, a Ministry of Development official said.

Senior Landscape Officer Aliman Hj Ahmad said the vendors were chosen based on several criteria. They must operate the stall full-time and priority is given to applicants who are unemployed.

In an interview with The Brunei Times on the sidelines of the reopening of Serasa Beach, he said over 100 applicants were received to operate the stalls, but they are able to accommodate 40 only.

He also raised the possibility of expanding the number of stalls in the future, depending on the need.

Aliman said 20 of the stalls, built facing the South China Sea are designated for stalls selling food and beverages and is equipped with hand washing facilities.

Meanwhile, the remaining stalls are for vendors selling clothes, souvenirs and other non-perishable items.

“Vendors are not allowed to operate without proper licences. The main aim of the beach upgrading project is to ensure that members of the public can use this beach in the safest way possible, and comply with regulations set up by the relevant agencies,” Aliman said.

Vendors pay $15 fee per month for each stall.

He added that the newly-upgraded Serasa Beach will be managed systematically to ensure the safety and welfare of its tenants and visitors.

This included making sure the items and products sold by vendors are safe.

The Mukim Consultative Council of Masjid Lama of Muara Town, Kg Sabun and Pelumpong was one of the vendors occupying the stalls.

Rosnah Hj Dullah said the rent of the stall is not expensive and she was able to afford it.

“We will be permanently selling our products here. Previously, we sold our products (crackers and dried food items) at expos. Now (at Serasa Beach) we have a permanent stall to sell our products.

“The members will take turns manning the stall; there are a few of us here. Whoever is free will man the stall.

“With all facilities provided, hopefully all local products can be promoted and developed further,” she added.

Rosnah hoped the upgrade would continue to attract visitors to the beach.

“There are many products here from various villages, if they come and visit, they will be able to know more about our products and the process involved in making our products,” she said, adding that the facilities are good.

“Previously, we use tents, now we have the stall, surau and toilet,” she added.

The Brunei Times