PAKATAN set to amend constitution

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TUTONG Former Civil Servants Association (PAKATAN) members are set to amend their association’s constitution to pave the way for a fairer and more democratic process in electing PAKATAN office-bearers.

The proposal for amendment was mooted at its 17th annual general meeting (AGM) for the 2013-2014 session at the Tutong Community Hall in Kg Serambangun.

According to PAKATAN Executive Committee Treasurer Hj Yahya Abd Hamid, the move was brought about by dissatisfaction from certain quarters of the association’s members on the current process of electing the five-member supreme committee, which presides for a three-year term.

“The past process has resulted in some suspicions on the election... its procedures on the voting was rather secret and kept away from the members.

“The amendment to the constitution will create guidelines for the election committee, which did not exist in the past,” Hj Yahya told The Brunei Times.

Should the amendment be approved, ballot count and results would be available to PAKATAN members to observe, a practice which this term’s election had already adopted. In addition, all PAKATAN members would also have equal rights to nominate candidates for the top five executive committee posts in future elections.

However, other committee members, including heads of the various bureaus under PAKATAN would still be appointed by the executive committee.

In his opening speech, President of PAKATAN Hj Md Zain Tengah urged the association to consider ways to retain vibrancy in its leadership.

“Many of the committee members are well into their 60s and 70s, with only a single member in her 50s... We must find ways to introduce fresh blood with renewed energy.”

Datin Paduka Hjh Adina Othman, Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, paid tribute to members for their contribution to nation-building.

“PAKATAN has an extraordinary track record in improving the lives of its members through economic activities as well as improving the welfare and livelihood of its members and community through a variety of social and religious programmes,” she said.

More than 120 members had turned up for the AGM, representing about a quarter of its 476 membership. As with each AGM, members were updated on the various bureau reports and had the opportunity to take up issues with the leadership.

PAKATAN fully owns and manages several businesses, including two petrol stations in Tutong. From the petrol stations alone, it posted profits of close to $100,000 in 2013, distributing 60 per cent of it to over 120 shareholders.

PAKATAN will celebrate its 20th anniversary in September.

The Brunei Times