Man pleads guilty to abusing stepson

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A MAN who kicked his 12-year-old stepson is awaiting his sentencing after he pleaded guilty to causing hurt to the child before the Intermediate Court yesterday.

The court document submitted by Deputy Public Prosecutor Siti Nurjauinah Hj Kula yesterday stated that the victim, whose name is withheld to protect his identity, had been out with his 15-year-old sister and only returned home after midnight on June 3, 2010.

The defendant and his wife were already home when they found that the teenagers were not at the house.

Upon their return, the defendant and the wife went to their stepdaughter’s room and confronted the boy. The defendant then kicked his stepson on the right leg to ask the boy where he had been. The defendant then left the room.

This matter was then reported to the Berakas Police Station on the same day. The doctor classified the boy’s injury as hurt after a medical examination at the hospital.

Defence Counsel Sheikh Noordin in delivering the mitigation on behalf of his client, said the children came home very late without informing the defendant and the mother.

He went on to say that what had happened was simply to teach the complainant a lesson. The defence counsel further sought leniency from the court by imposing a fine between $1,000 and $2,000 depending on the offence.

During the proceedings yesterday, the defendant also paid compensation for schooling purposes.

A further mention of the case before Intermediate Court Judge Pg Hjh Hanani Pg Hj Metusain will be held this afternoon.

In another assault case brought to the Magistrates’ Court yesterday by Deputy Public Prosecutor Ratno Eddy Sophian Hj Zaidi, two men who admitted to beating a Bangladeshi man were each fined $1,000 after they pleaded guilty to the offence.

The court document stated that on March 5, defendant Shamsul Bahri Abdullah, 40, was at a tuck shop in the Kianggeh area when he got into a verbal argument with the complainant, whom the defendant knew as Bilal. This led to Shamsul getting angry and hit Bilal in the face and chest using his fist which caused Bilal to fall.

Co-accused, Mohd Azziul Azzim Suhaili, who was with Shamsul at the time of the incident, also hit Bilal. The 23-year-old had kicked Bilal in the legs when the complainant tried to stand up.

The matter was only settled when Bilal managed to talk out the defendants from hurting him.

A police report was lodged and Bilal was taken to the hospital for medical examination. The medical report concluded that the injuries that Bilal suffered were categorised as hurt.

The Brunei Times