Accused to be granted rights in Syariah

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STEPS are being taken to ensure the accused is granted certain rights according to Hukum Syara’ and the law, the Ministry of Religious Affairs stated.

In a press statement issued yesterday, the ministry said the accused would be given the chance to defend themselves, and would be given the opportunity to appoint a Syarie lawyer to represent them during the trial.

The government has appointed qualified officers as Syarie judges, Syarie prosecutors and religious enforcement officers to ensure smooth process of handling Syariah criminal cases, the statement added.

However, it did not give details on the number of personnel involved in handling the Islamic criminal cases.

The ministry added that lawyers who have the relevant qualifications may also offer their Syarie legal services in the country as Syarie lawyers.

Each case will undergo an investigation process before being submitted to the prosecution for examination and follow-up at the Syariah Court, it added.

A Syariah Penal Code Order 2013 briefing was held for DST staff at the telecommunication services provider’s headquarters yesterday.

During the briefing, they were explained on the procedures that have been set by the law.

The Brunei Times