Volunteers extend helping hand to Vietnam, Cambodia

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SAIYYIDINA Hassan Secondary School (SMSH) will be sending a delegation of twelve people to Vietnam and Cambodia to carry out humanitarian work.

The delegation comprising of teachers, government officials and a student will carry out voluntary work such as the cleaning and renovation of an Islamic kindergarten and religious school, as well as handing monetary donations, school supplies and food to those in need.

The delegation will also donate wells to the communities in Vietnam and Cambodia which costs about $350 each.

The secondary school was invited by Alam Shah Science School (ASiS), Malaysia and the mission will involve five other schools from Malaysia including science schools in Labuan with a total of 60 volunteers involved, according to Norazrina Hj Sarbini.

This is the second time SMSH is invited to participate in such humanitarian mission, with the first being in 2012 where the delegation also went to Cambodia under the mission organised by ASiS.

Last year, SMSH also with ASiS underwent an international programme to Sumbawa and Lombok Indonesia which involved humanitarian work and a competition programme with the schools in Indonesia.

ASiS has been carrying out humanitarian missions for the past seven years.

“This is a learning experience for us as teachers… We learn from ASiS on how to organise missions whereby we can do it in the future on our own,” said Norazrina, the senior academic mistress at SMSH.

The mission hopes to mitigate the sufferings of the Islamic community in Cambodia and Vietnam who are in poor living conditions, foster soft skills in participants and initiate charity work with the aid of donations from the community.

It will also provide a platform for teachers and practice tolerance and the spirit of collaboration, while also improving relations between teachers and students not only from Malaysia and Brunei but also Vietnam and Cambodia.

Members of the public who are interested to give in their donations can do so by March 18 by contacting Norazrina Hj Sarbini at 8772687, Adlina at 8625781 or Noor Filzah at 8870880.

The Brunei Times