Jail terms for mobile phone, car and cement thieves

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THREE men were jailed by the Magistrates’ Court yesterday after pleading guilty to separate cases of theft.

In the first case, Hj Mohammad Roney Hj Rosli, 41, was sentenced to four months in jail for stealing mobile phones at Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

During the proceedings yesterday, Roney admitted to stealing three mobile phones left unattended on the administration reception counter in the Estate Office Building.

While no one was around, he took a grey Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a black Samsung Galaxy Ace and a Apple iPhone 4 and left the building.

Roney was arrested on March 8 following a complaint by one of the phone owners.

Two stolen phones were discovered in his house.

During police questioning, Roney admitted to having stolen the phones and throwing away their SIM cards. He told police he sold the iPhone for $100 a week after stealing it.

In the second case, the presiding senior magistrate jailed two men for theft.

Othman Hj Tengah, 45, stole a Nissan Urvan parked at Bangunan Rimba Mas, Jalan Rimba, in February. The car was unlocked at the time with the key inside.

Othman gave the car key to Ong Boon Leong, 44, after letting Ong know he had stolen the car. Ong kept the car for his personal use.

On March 4, Ong drove the car to the under-construction Maybank Kiarong. He stole nine bags of cement and drove to Othman’s house.

They were arrested when police noticed the men in a car that had been reported stolen. The car’s licence plate had been changed but the registration number on the road tax disc was original.

During the court proceedings yesterday, Othman was sentenced to 12 months in jail for stealing the Nissan Urvan. Ong was sentenced to 18 months in jail for possession of stolen property and stealing the cement.

The jail terms took immediate effect.

The Brunei Times