Raising awareness of postal services

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POSTAL Services Department counters will hold Customer Days to raise awareness of the various postal services.

Customers will be offered stamps as souvenirs as well as light refreshments in the form of local sweet delicacies on these days.

Acting Deputy Postmaster General Tasad Hj Tamam said the Customer Day offered an opportunity for customers to make inquiries about postal services

The Acting Deputy Postmaster General revealed this in his speech at a muzakarah (dialogue) with penghulu, grassroot leaders and residents of the Temburong district yesterday.

This Customer Day will be carried out in stages throughout the Sultanate.

Meanwhile during the session, Mail Delivery Manager Hjh Hammah Puasa delivered a “Real Experience” briefing

She gave a presentation that displayed photos of unintentional but common errors made by the public that affect postmen’s duties.

These include house numbers that have faded or been painted over and untethered guard dogs.

Hjh Hammah said that there had been reports of a postmen carrying hefty parcels being chased by dogs. To prevent this, Penghulu Mukim Amo Hj Bahrun Hj Talib suggested informing households to ensure their dogs don’t harass postmen.

“The dogs need not be chained all day; just in the mornings and early afternoons when postmen usually make their rounds.”

“Indeed they are for security but what matters is that the dogs are not left untethered,” he added.

Meanwhile the Postal Services Department played a short video clip on testimonies made by long-serving postmen.

Retired Hj Mohd Bakir Hj Tahir was one of them who served as a postman since 1991 and spoke of the tribulations he endured during his tenure.

He experienced his motorcycle breaking down, being chased by dogs and delivering mail through floods.

To resolve the issues raised, Penghulu Mukim Bukok Hj Imran Hj Puasa proposed a visual promotion, short films to depict the improvements the public may make.

“We can utilise the media, get local actors over Radio Televisyen Brunei or even send messages through radio,” he said.

On the other hand Village Head and Penghulu Mukim Bangar Hj Hamdan Hj Besar said village heads could help send certain letters where postmen encountered difficulties in delivering the mail.

To improve its quality of service in 2014, the Postal Services Department said it plans to strengthen cooperation with airline companies to deliver mail overseas, trackersystem and postcode searcher applications via smartphone.

Hjh Hammah said the Temburong dialogue session was the third and that the final dialogue will be at the Brunei-Muara District.

The Brunei Times