‘More poaching activities reported’

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MORE people are reporting suspected poaching activities to the Wildlife Division at the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, an official said.

“Our efforts to raise awareness on preserving wildlife animals that are forbidden to be caught have been successful,” said Hj Ajamain Hj Sawal, head of the Wildlife Division.

However, he did not give figures of how many poaching activities were reported.

Hj Ajamain said raising awareness was one of the roadshow’s objectives.

“Students who attend the roadshows share the knowledge they gained to their friends and parents, which has resulted to us receiving more reports from the members of the public,” he said in an interview on the sidelines of a roadshow at Seri Kenangan Hall in Tutong.

Hj Ajamain said he hoped the division would be able to hold more roadshows at schools and spread more awareness to students.

He added that more awareness meant that Brunei would one day adopt a culture that protects the wildlife which can be enjoyed by present and future generations.

Yesterday’s roadshow was also held to mark World Wildlife Day, celebrated on March 3.

About 350 students from primary schools in Tutong attended the roadshow.

The Brunei Times