Police record 673 traffic offences in one month

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THERE were 673 recorded traffic offences over the past month following 33 police operations involving speed traps and road blocks.

A press release issued yesterday by the Traffic Control and Investigations Department (JSKLL) said police operations dubbed “TEGAS 2” resulted in 622 compound cases.

Speeding offences topped the list at 426, while there were 66 U-turn violations, 50 cases of running a red light and 80 other traffic violations recorded.

Meanwhile, 51 offences were docket cases, meaning they will be brought to court. These consisted of 28 cases of expired road tax, eight cases of failing to wear a seatbelt, six drink driving offences and nine other traffic violations.

In light of this, the Royal Brunei Police Force through the JSKLL reminded road users to perform essential safety checks before starting off on their journey, such as adjusting their seat position, checking their side and rear-view mirrors, ensuring they are wearing their seatbelts and making sure the gear lever is in neutral (or parked) before starting the engine.

In addition, drivers were advised to check their indicators, rear and front lights, brake lights, fluid levels, wipers and car horn.

They were also urged to ensure their driving licence, road tax and car insurance documents are in order.

The Brunei Times