Friday sermon warns against terror threat

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BRUNEI is not exempted from terrorism which threatens the Sultanate’s reputation as the “abode of peace”, said the Friday sermon.

Imams throughout the Sultanate told congregants that even Brunei has the potential to be a breeding ground for terrorism.

“This country has become a target as a protective haven for terrorist groups and a source of finance to sponsor anti-peace activities,” the imams said.

“Development of this movement is evidently seen as a threat that may endanger the safety and tranquility of Brunei Darussalam,” added the imams.

Speaking on the Sultanate’s 30th year of independence, the imams reminded that this freedom was of limitless value to the nation as it freed it from the clenches of external forces.

However, these violent groups may corrupt the peace the Sultanate has worked hard to preserve. “The reality now is that the world is facing threats of violence from militant groups,” said the imams.

In reference to His Majesty the Sultan Yang Di-Pertuan Brunei Darussalam’s titah, the imams cautioned congregants to be careful not to be deceived by groups who pretend to preach for Brunei’s cause.

“These groups who pretend to be fighting for Islam’s holy cause are in fact attempting to promote the teachings of militants (to Bruneians),” said the imams.

The sermon stated that these militant forces were against everything that Islam stands for.

“Islam is a religion that loves peace,” the imams said.

”Islam does not permit its followers to commit damage, evilness, betrayal, violence and terror, even more so if it brings detriment and death to other people,” the imams told the congregants.

As such, the imams in the sermon called on the nation to unite and be steadfast together.

“As residents of the Sultanate, we hold the communal responsibility to protect the peace and safety of our beloved Brunei Darussalam,” said the imams.

To prevent the militant movement from putting foot in the country, the imams outlined four paths to take.

First, congregants must constantly be aware of the militants’ teachings that advocate terror.

“We must also keep a safe eye on our children and members of our family while logging on the Internet to avoid them from being influenced by values that preach violence,” said the imams.

Second, the imams warned that Muslims must not get involved in any activities related to terrorism.

Another path was for the congregants to become the eyes and ears of the authorities in power and to report any activity that affects Brunei’s safety. The imams also advised that donations cannot be given without care.

“We must continuously be watchful when contributing donations, especially outgoing donations overseas because of fear that they might fall into the wrong hands and can be used for militant activities,” said the imams.

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