Education officers train to improve, assess Politeknik curriculum

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THE opening ceremony of an eight-day training programme titled “Effective Curriculum Development and Evaluation for Politeknik Brunei” was held yesterday at the SEAMEO VOCTECH Regional Centre.

Director of Politeknik Brunei, Denis Ho Mun Tai, launched the programme as guest of honour at the ceremony.

The programme, organised by SEAMEO VOCTECH in collaboration with Politeknik Brunei, aims to equip participants with knowledge and skills in identifying and incorporating industry competencies in the polytechnic curriculum as well as to provide appropriate techniques for evaluating the curriculum to determine its relevancy to the requirements of the individual trainees and the competency needs of the industry.

“We are hopeful that via this training programme, our staff will be able to work collectively as a team to ascertain a process to be adopted to ensure the quality of programme delivery and contents relevancy,” said Ho during his speech.

He hoped that the programme would lead to a kick start of the quality assurance process regarding the curriculum delivery and evaluation of Politeknik Brunei.

“In order to achieve a robust curriculum, the schools under Politeknik Brunei need to ensure that there is a regular review and update on the curricula of the existing programmes, design and develop new programmes by ensuring that they are relevant to the needs of the industry in our country. It is only by doing so that the knowledge and skills acquired by the students of Politeknik Brunei will help to ensure the high employability of our graduates,” he added.

The process of identifying the duties and tasks performed by a worker using the Developing A Curriculum (DACUM) will be discussed during the training programme.

Topics such as the principles of the DACUM process, composition of the panel member, role of the facilitation team and the major steps in conducting the workshop, will also be covered.

A simulated activity in facilitating the workshop will also be performed by the participants.

Upon completion of the programme, the participants are expected to develop a DACUM chart, task analysis chart, curriculum evaluation tool and sample evaluation report.

The training programme, which will end on March 3 will be attended by 20 education officers and lecturers of Politeknik Brunei.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Alias Hj Abu Bakar, the Assistant Director of Politeknik Brunei, Hj Ali Husainin Hj Md Diah, the SEAMEO VOCTECH Officer in-charge and other officials from Politeknik Brunei and SEAMEO VOCTECH Regional Centre.

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