Ministry of Home Affairs allays concern on CI, stateless issues

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THE Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) has clarified certain issues that have been recently raised by the public concerning holders of the Certificate of Identity (CI) and Permanent Residents (PR) who are stateless.

In a press conference yesterday, Permanent Secretary of Home Affairs Dato Paduka Hj Abd Majid Mangarshah stated that the CI is recognised internationally as a valid travel document, similar to passports issued to citizens of the country.

Holders of the Brunei Darussalam re-entry number may return to the Sultanate as long as their CI, re-entry permit and visa are valid.

“Therefore the status and security of those who possess a CI is clear: they have a country of residence – which is Brunei – and have the right to return to the Sultanate as long as stated conditions are fulfilled and they have no right to assume themselves as refugees,” said Dato Hj Abd Majid.

“However, the issue regarding CI holders not being able to enter certain countries is out of the ministry’s authority and jurisdiction,” he added.

Dato Hj Abd Majid then touched on the issue of the status of foreign nationals married to Bruneian women who are stateless, saying: “Based on the consideration of the policies and standards of the population, a male foreigner is not automatically or easily accepted and granted permanent residence of a country solely according to the status of the wife.

“However they can be considered eligible for permanent residency with certain conditions under the newly approved application guidelines for foreign nationals to become permanent residents,” he added.

According to the new guidelines, one of the main conditions for eligibility to become a permanent resident requires the couple to be married for 15 years and have family ties.

The ministry in a press statement said it is seeking public understanding regarding the issues.

The Brunei Times