Media to portray the best of Brunei

National 1 minute, 28 seconds


MEDIA plays an important part in portraying the upcoming 30th National Day celebration to the whole nation as well as to the other parts of the world, said the Acting Director of Information during the media briefing for the event, yesterday.

Mawardi Hj Mohammad, acting director of Information said that photographers should take this opportunity to look for different angle. Those pictures would also reflect the good images of the people who performed hard to make the event successful, he added. Although, media are allowed to take different angles of pictures during the performances, they are prohibited to enter the track and field arena as this would disrupt the performances.

“Media are advised to dress in black,” said Hilmy Zainal, head of Media Unit Services, Information Department.

Meanwhile, the Department of Adat Istiadat has urged the media to respect the National Anthem during the event. Ak Mohd Noor Hamaddi Pg Ahmad, officer from the department said that during the National Anthem, all media are advised not to walk around.

“If possible, do not take pictures during this time. You may however, take pictures on the start of the song. But after you take the picture, stand still,” he said.

The RBPF would also like to stressed the need to keep owns belonging intact. Media as well as the public are not allowed to leave their bags and belongings unattended. This is due to security reasons.

“RBPF will be on alert at all times during the event. Any belongings especially camera bags are not to be left unattended. If found, RBPF will consider it as a threat and owners will be questioned, even when it was left unintentionally,” said Inspector Pg Hj Yusra Pg Hj Mohammad, RBPF’s public relations officer.

The Brunei Times