4 men sent to jail for 19 break-ins

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FOUR men who were involved in 19 restaurant break-ins have been sentenced by the Intermediate Court to each serve a jail term for the thefts.

Rosmin Hj Metusin, 43, was sentenced to serve 10 years and nine months in jail with four strokes of the cane for the 32 charges of breaking into restaurants and houses while causing damage to the property to commit theft at the premises and the theft of seven cars.

Co-accused Ak Martudin Pg Samsuddin, 38, was sentenced by the court to serve eight years in jail with two strokes of the cane for the 21 counts of his involvement in the thefts and housebreakings.

Meanwhile, defendant Mohammad Zakri Hj Samat, 43, was ordered to serve two years and three months in jail while defendant Reduan Japar, 29, was sentenced to four years and three months in jail with two strokes of the cane for the thefts.

The break-ins at the restaurants began from January 3, and continued on a daily basis until January 24.

Among the restaurants that were targeted by the defendant were Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar Restaurant, Hjh Asbah Enterprise Restaurant and Berry Wan Hotpot Restaurant to name a few.

The items stolen by the defendants during the breaking includes monies and mobile pre-paid cards from the cash register as well as foodstuff and kitchenware.

The presiding Intermediate Court judge Hj Abdullah Soefri POKSM DSP Hj Abidin had ordered the defendants to serve the custodial sentence due to the aggravating factors involved in the case.

The court cited that the break-ins that the defendants committed has caused fear and insecurity among the businesses and premises; that it was a planned and committed at night when there was light security and; none of the stolen items were recovered. The court further ordered the defendants to serve their respective jail terms with effect from February 10, when they were first remanded.

The Brunei Times