Muslimah forum pays homage to life of Prophet

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A FORUM especially for Muslimah (Muslim women) was held at Kampong Kilanas Mosque, yesterday.

It was organised in conjunction with the Maulud Rasul celebration and to remind that the status of the Muslim woman in Islam is very noble and lofty one.

Present as the guest of honour was wife of Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Datin Hjh Kalshom Hj Suhaili.

The two invited speakers were Datin Dr Hjh Saadiah Datu Derma Wijaya Hj Tamit and Dr Lilly Suzana Hj Shamsu. Meanwhile, Dr Hjh Salwa Dato Seri Setia Hj Mahalle acted as the moderator.

The speakers discussed on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as the best role model for mankind and the struggles of the other Prophets before them to introduce Islam in their respective time and people.

“Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the first liberator of women. In time where women were oppressed and have no voice, the Prophet (pbuh) had wiped away all iniquities against women. He even declared that Allah SWT had entrusted him the task of safeguarding the rights of women,” said Datin Dr Hjh Saadiah.

Dr Lilly said the Prophet (pbuh) had shown compassion towards his wives and other women and protected the women not just their rights in marriage, safety and owning properties. In short, women have independent status and they can take charge of their life provided they follow the guidance from Al-Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh).

The Brunei Times