Heavy rain causes traffic jam along Jalan Tutong

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HEAVY rain yesterday afternoon caused flooding outside the Attorney General’s Chambers, bringing traffic flow to a halt on Jalan Tutong.

The absence of traffic police at the scene caused wary drivers at the front of the jam to hesitate driving their cars through the flood, leaving drivers in the back with no choice but to remain stationary.

The massive queue lasted at least ten minutes, before two male passengers on board a public bus began directing traffic.

One of the two told _The Brunei Times _he had initially attempted to persuade the drivers at the front of the jam to drive their cars through as the flood water level was relatively low.

“[The drivers in the front] said they do not want to take the risk, this led to a traffic jam – we cannot just stay here all day,” said the unnamed man. However, drivers were eventually persuaded to move their cars closer to the side of the road by the duo to clear the path in the middle of the two lanes for motorists willing to drive through.

One driver who had been stuck in the traffic jam said when he made an emergency call requesting for police assistance, he was told that police had already been dispatched to the area and were handling the situation, but none were to be seen at the time.

The Brunei Meteorological Department set the Severe Weather Warning on its website at Code Yellow at 2.45pm yesterday. Remarks posted for the category stated that heavy showers or thunderstorms were expected to last till 6pm in the Brunei-Muara District.

It also stated flash floods were possible in low-lying areas with wind gusts of up to 50 kilometres per hour.

The Brunei Times