Colorectal cancer on the rise among people in mid-forties

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CANCER of the colon and rectum or colorectal cancer has been on the rise in the Sultanate particularly among those below the age of 45.

With nearly 60 per cent of cases at present are already in stages three and four, colorectal cancer is charted in the country second only to breast cancer.

Highlighted by the Medical Director of The Brunei Cancer Centre (TBCC), Associate Professor Kenneth Kok at the Cancer symposium yesterday, said that “There have been a number of significant advances made in the field of colorectal cancer related to surgery, systemic therapy and radiotherapy.”

The cancer centre, in a press release, noted that recent trends indicate routine screenings such as colonoscopy is not commonly done, despite being able to help detect cases early especially in the polyp stages.

Genetic screening and colonoscopy should be done at an earlier age for those at risk of hereditary colorectal cancers.

Dietary trends such as a high fat diet and increased meat intake, stated the press release, are also linked to cancer developments.

An increase in fibre intake should be encouraged in members of the public to promote colon health. Health authorities and governments in many countries including Brunei are actively monitoring food products for carcinogens, and are attempting to lower sugar and salt contents in the food.

The symposium, featuring talks from local experts and also consultants from Singapore’s National University Hospital (NUH), discussed the latest advancements in detection and treatment of colorectal cancer.

The symposium hopes to serve as a venue for these new advances and innovations to be highlighted and discussed among health professionals, as well as provide focus on a multi-disciplinary approach to colorectal cancer management.

Co-sponsored by ROCHE Singapore, the cancer symposium is the second event held by TBCC in conjunction with World Cancer Day with the first being a cancer roadshow at the Airport Mall last Sunday.

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