ICT, culinary arts popular choices under YDP

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THE availability of courses offered under the Youth Development Programme (YDP) are based on current market demands each year, said the Acting Assistant Director of the Youth Development Centre yesterday.

“If certain courses are needed and there are job opportunities, we will continue running the courses.

“If we identify some courses that we don’t currently offer — which are needed in the market and by companies — we try to implement new courses for the programme,” Haswandi Hj Osman explained.

There are nine courses available under this year’s YDP: Information, Technology and Communications (ICT) Course; Culinary Arts and Banquet Course; Pastry and Confectionery Course; Fashion Design Technology Course; Beauty Therapy Course; Vehicle Body Repair Course; Welding and Fabrication Course; Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Course; as well as Domestic Water Pipe Installation Course.

Haswandi said that the most popular courses with the highest applicants this year were the ICT, and the Culinary Arts and Banquet courses.

“Every year, we face the same experiences with the two courses. Nowadays, youth is naturally more attracted to ICT, and we find that they are actually very creative in terms of creating animations,” he said.

The acting assistant director also shared that the Culinary Arts and Banquet Course often received numerous applications from both males and females.

“After they complete the course and gain the skills, it’s actually easy for them to get a job. Nowadays, there are plenty of hotels in Brunei, and the students who complete the course often go on to get jobs as chefs,” Haswandi explained.

However, not every trainee will get his or her top choice course. During the selection process, students were interviewed to determine the courses best suited for them.

The Brunei Times spoke to some of the new YDP trainees about their top course choices.

Twenty-year-old Nur Syalabiah Beeyah said that she had chosen to register for the Vehicle Body Repair Course, because she was interested in learning about it, and she thought that it would be beneficial in the future.

This was her second time taking up a course under the Youth Development Centre, having completed a course in AutoCAD software before, designing house plans.

“It was a good experience, so I am confident that I’ll have a good experience this time, as well,” Nur Syalabiah said.

Meanwhile, Md Irfan Abdul Rahman, 19, said that he was quite happy and excited for the YDP to begin.

“My first course choice was the Welding and Fabrication Course, and I’m glad I was selected for it. I chose it mainly because I want to gain some experience in welding,” he said.

On the other hand, 22-year-old Dk Nur Hasfizah Pg Hassan said that ICT had been her first course choice, but she had been selected instead for the Culinary Arts and Banquet course, her second choice.

Interest was also a pull-factor in her course choice — she was confident that she would learn something new from the course as she did not know how to cook.

Dk Nur Hasfizah also mentioned that her parents’ encouragement had played a role in her decision to join the YDP, additionally saying that she was looking forward to learning how to live independently at the hostel provided.

“I hope to succeed and complete the course, gain employment after it, and also to be able to help my parents,” she said.

The Brunei Times