Man jailed 4 years for breaking into soldier’s house

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A BRUNEIAN man was sentenced to serve four years in jail with one stroke of the cane after he pleaded guilty to breaking into a house at a military compound.

The defendant, Mohammad Noor Abd Razak, 32, and another Bruneian were detained by the military police on August 26, 2013, when they attempted to leave the house on Jalan SOAS, Berakas Garrison.

During the investigations, the unemployed Mohammad Noor admitted that he had broken into the house of Major (U) Md Zulehram Yakub to commit theft with his two friends.

The court document stated that Mohammad Noor, together with his friends, Mohammad Amirzuki Md Yassin, 32, and 26-year-old Ampuan Mohammad Sabri Suwadi Ampuan Ramle, went to a house with the intention to commit theft at Berakas Garrison using his car on August 26, 2013.

As soon as they arrived at the house, Mohammad Noor went to the back of the house accompanied by Amirzuki, while Ampuan Mohammad Sabri Suwadi waited in the car acting as a lookout.

While at the back of the house, Mohammad Noor then pried open the kitchen’s sliding window using a screwdriver, causing damage to the window.

Having managed to open the window, Mohammad Noor then unlocked the kitchen’s door from inside to gain entry into the house.

Upon entering the house through the kitchen, Mohammad Noor tried to open another door that led to the living room. As soon as he realised that it was locked, he tried to pry it open.

Meanwhile, the complainant, Mardena Sahari, was alerted and woken up by the sound.

She then switched on the lights, to which Mohammad Noor quickly ran out of the house and fled the scene after he noticed the living room was lit.

It was during their attempt to escape from Berakas Garrison when the military police apprehended the men and brought them to the police station for further questioning.

During the proceedings yesterday, Intermediate Court judge Hj Abdullah Soefri POKSM DSP Hj Abidin ordered the defendant to serve the jail term with immediate effect.

The defendant had pleaded guilty to the theft charge under Section 457 of the Penal Code, Chapter 22.

The Brunei Times