Brunei film eyes foreign markets

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A BRUNEIAN film has set its sights on an international release despite suffering from setbacks last year.

Chua Hong Yang, director of Secrets from a Perfect Family, said he is eyeing Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and the United Kingdom for the film’s release.

“Our target is to reach $500 to $1 million internationally,” he said, adding that it was an optimistic target.

The locally-produced film was delayed due to a revision of the script and actors cast for the production had other commitments, resulting in the search for more trained actors.

Chua, who is also chief executive officer and founder Magic Lee Entertainment, said the film was initially written as a play.

It was scheduled to be staged last November at the Jerudong Amphitheatre and Pusat Insani in Seria, said Chua.

Speaking to The Brunei Times on the sidelines of auditions at the Youth Centre, Chua said he has more connections with professionals producing movies rather than those working in theatre.

“Theatre in Brunei does not have a high demand, people would rather watch a movie than watch a drama, ” he added.

The acting talents in the film are being paid the standard daily rate in the country, while the production crew has a different pay grade. Staff under Magic Lee Entertainment will be also be paid commission based on film sales.

The director admitted that he hoped to regain the losses incurred from production costs by wide and international distribution.

The movie aimed to show the struggles of modern family life. Chua said the auditions last Satuday was for extras as the main cast has been selected.

Magic Lee Entertainment also collaborated with BruRealism Pictures to shoot _Project Ostrich in January._

BruRealism is headed by Abdul Zaindi, whose film Bread Dream was screened during the Cannes Film Festival in 2012.

The short film has yet to be released online, but Chua said it will be released at a later date for “maximum impact”.

When asked if he thought more content in Brunei was moving online, he said most people prefer going to the cinema.

In terms of local distribution he has already initiated talks with Times Cineplex for the premiere and daily screenings of the film.

“We’ve already had a meeting with Times Cineplex and they have agreed with us using their cinemas.”

The trailer of the film will be released in cinemas by the end of March.

Chua further said another film The Whisper is in the works. The company also has plans to produce a television series.

The Brunei Times