2 sisters embrace Islam

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TWO Iban siblings yesterday fulfilled their long awaited wish of becoming Muslims in a ceremony held at their residence in one of the flats of the Royal Police Escort in Kg Beribi.

The siblings, Melissa Anak Mayoh, 22, and Shafinah, 18, are now known as Nur Melissa Abdullah Mayoh and Nur Shafinah.

The sisters were grateful that their non-Mulsim parents were very supportive of their decisions to embrace Islam.

Nur Melissa and Nur Shafinah are the youngest amongst a sibling of four. Their elder sister and brother were the first in their family convert to Islam.

Nur Melissa and Nur Shafinah said theystarted learning about the religion in school and continued on to understand more about Islam through their teachers and friends.

They said that they look forward to knowing more about Islam through the courses held by the religious authorities.

During the ceremony yesterday, the sisters took an oath declaring their faith in the oneness of Allah (SWT) and recited the syahadah (declaration of faith) in the presence of a religious officer from the Islamic Da’wah Centre.

A Dikir Marhaban was performed to bless and welcome the new Muslims, who were then sprinkled with bunga rampai (scented shredded flowers) by their guests.

Last year, 539 people embraced Islam, said the Islamic Da’wah Centre in a statement.

The Brunei Times