Stilt house collapses in Kg Setia B, Kg Ayer

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A FIVE-BEDROOM wooden stilt house collapsed in Kg Setia B No 144E in Kampong Ayer yesterday.

It was about 2pm when Ali Hj Mega, the homeowner, was told by his neighbour about the collapse of the house. No injuries were reported.

“When the house collapsed, no one was at home,’’ said 58-year-old Ali.

The house, he added, had been unoccupied since a year ago. He said that he and five other members of his family have moved to Meragang.

Before they moved inland, they had lived in their Kg Setia house for about 30 years.

He explained that after they moved out of their Kampong ayer house, no one lived in it. However, he said, his two sons spent some nights in the house once in a while. “Luckily they were visiting our neighbours when the incident took place,’’ he said. Ali, a public servant, hoped that there will be some assistance.

The Brunei Times