Tg Maya residents start returning to their homes

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RESIDENTS of Mukim Tanjong Maya are slowly moving back into their previously flood-inundated homes as more roads become accesible once again said the mukim’s penghulu.

Hj Abd Wahab Hj Apong told The Brunei Times in a phone interview that the mukim is at nearly 100 per cent accessibility.

“The flood waters have cleared up and the roads can be used again,” he said.

The water has receeded to a level no longer considered dangerous. Earlier last month, some of the roads in the Tutong District were only accessible by 4WD and heavy vehicles such as trucks.

Some areas were completely cut off by the flood that residents had to use boats to reach their destinations.

Residents relocated to Balai Masjid Kg Tanjong Maya and Dewan Serambangun are currently staying at temporary homes in Pekan Tutong. They are expected to return to their homes by the end of the month.

“Four of the (evacuated) families were relocated again, including the family which was placed in Balai Masjid. They will remain in their temporary lodgings until their houses are clean and livable again,” he said.

The penghulu still cautioned the mukim’s residents to keep their guard up even when the situation are clearing up given the temperamental weather.

“The weather is unpredictable. Weather reports say that we may be experiencing rain again in the coming days. I hope that the residents will remain patient in the cleaning and recovery process despite the damage and loss to their belongings in the flood.”

The Brunei Times