Rain drowns car wash daily profits

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RAIN is bad for business, lamented car wash owners to The Brunei Times.

Hj Saiful Rizal Hj Mohd Yussof, owner of Rosmy Car Wash in Sungai Tilong, said the number of cars that patron his outlet during the rainy weather were few and scarce.

“I only got around five to six cars on rainy days. I usually get an average of 20 cars on sunny days,” he said. “I usually make around $200 per day, but now I earned about $40.”

However, his business picked up in time for the Lunar New Year celebrations, with many of his customers coming to get their cars washed despite the rain.

Hj Saiful Rizal has been operating his car wash six days a week since 1992.

Owner of Naziah Car Wash also said he experienced a big loss during the rainy season.

“My business has been affected since the start of the rainy season, which started sometime in November,” he said.

“Customers seldom send their cars for a wash, considering their cars will soon become dirty again (because of the rain),” he said.

Situated at Batu Bersurat, the drop in number of customers was noticable.

“I usually get around 20 to 30 cars, but now I only get around two to three because of the rain.

“I can make $200-$300 per day when the weather is good, but now I only get $20, on some days completely nothing.”

He would usually close early on rainy days, but would sometimes stay open in case his customers needed his services.

The reduced income had him struggling to pay his $550 monthly rent and utilities, but he said he would just have to be patient until the weather gets better.

“What else can I do but wait for the weather to turn better since this is my only source of income,” Pg Othman said.

Meanwhile, SMR Car Wash owner Saini Abdullah said even though the rain hit his profit, he still made enough to pay his workers’ salaries.

“Usually I make $200 from an average of 30 cars, but during the rainy season, sometimes only five to seven cars would come, earning me only around $40 per day,” he said.

Based in Kiarong, Saini can only hope the weather would change for the better soon.

“It rains when it rains and car wash businesses must hold on.

“There will always be ups and downs (in business). When it is on the up, profit will be in abundance, but when it is down, we might not even make, much less, earn anything,” he said.

Saini runs other businesses which help to keep his car wash afloat during tough times such as this.

He hopes fellow car wash business owners will not be discouraged by the rough patch they are experiencing now.

“I’d like for my staff and other car wash companies to not give up, and for owners to keep their staff motivated as well,” he said.

The Brunei Times