Minor tremor in Sabah poses no threat to Sultanate

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THE earthquake that occurred in neighbouring Sabah last night does not pose a threat to Brunei Darussalam, said the duty forecaster yesterday.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department, in a statement, said a “weak earthquake” was recorded last night at 7.35pm with a magnitude of 4.8 near Ranau, Sabah.

Tremors were reportedly felt near Ranau, with the epicentre being located at latitude 6.1° North and longitude 111.6.8°, 16 km Northeast of Ranau Town.

“The Malaysian Meteorological Department will continue to monitor the situation closely,” the department said. The duty forecaster at the Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department told The Brunei Times the earthquake should be of no threat to the Sultanate due to the nature of its strength.

However, the department has yet to contact its counterpart in Sabah about the quake.

The Brunei Times