Volunteers feel for flood victims

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VOLUNTEERS of Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB) who helped flood victims in Kg Penapar yesterday shared how they were humbled by the experience and expressed empathy with the plight of residents there.

“I feel moved and sad to help out the flood victims because all this while, we only watched the areas affected by flood in news or in the newspaper. It’s a different experience being in the area itself,” said an in-service undergraduate, Hj Ismail Hj Jamil

“I feel empathy for the victims and maybe this feeling couldn’t be felt if I was to watch the news alone,” he added.

Another KUPU SB volunteer, Muhd Fadzrin Hj Ismail, who was studying for a diploma in Usuluddin hoped that the help that they contributed would alleviate the hardships of the people affected by the floods.

“We helped to clean their houses and surroundings. And looking at the situation today, I could feel their loss and hardships at the same time,” Muhd Fadzrin said.

The diploma student expressed his hope that other agencies will offer their assistance to the flood victims “because recovery and cleaning can’t be done in just a few days as it could take weeks to carry out”.

Syariah Undergraduate Abd Rajak Raya shared similar sentiments, saying that residents still needed assistance, be it in the form of goods or manpower.

“From my observation, the residents are still in need of assistance from relevant authorities and any non-government organisations (NGO) to help restore and rehabilitate their houses and surrounding compounds,” remarked Abd Rajak.

“I can see that some houses are still in poor condition, where the flood water has really affected their furniture, kitchen utensils, garden compounds and such.”

“They really need extra helping hands to assist in cleaning their houses as it will take them weeks or months to do it alone. Thus I call for the members of the public and any organisation to help out,” he said.

The Brunei Times